SBS Cooking show 7.30pm

Posted by Mick Barson 
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Just got the call from our resident Phantom 'Wally' Ghost who walks .....about a good cooking show on SBS tonight, all about cooking Fish ...... so there watch it ......[grinning smiley]
Yeah Mick is not a bad show and the website is handy as well cause you can go back read the recipes and actually see the video footage of the various meals they prepare from each country depending on your taste.
I was thinking as i was watching the cooking of the salt & pepper squid YUM !! i should have written down the 5 spices now i can just check the site link you put up, Excellent thanks Zac.

They make it look so easy huh [smiling smiley]

Recipe moved to the recipe section, [smiling smiley]