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Posted by Matt Thompson 
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Hey all, I'm on holidays from work tommorow and heading down to Bunbury for a week or so, and I'd love any advice you guys could give me on shore based fishing / crabbing of any kind down there? Keen as if someone could help out
Gday Mat
Not sure if you have a 4wd or not but that can widen your scope of opportunity.
If you’re hanging around Bunno /Australind then there are a few options.
Fishing of the south wall of the cut is producing some herring and a few Tailor at the moment. (Waves and wind permitting) try getting out to the end and fish the turbulent water around the rocks.
Belvedere beach is fishing well for tailor in the late arvo- you can park behind the dunes or go onto the beach if you have a 4wd.
The estuary is holding some size crabs but the best is yet to come in that area.
North part of the estuary is producing better at the moment. Just walk and scoop.
Fishing for Herring or Tailor of the rocks just north of the surf club is a little inconsistent at the moment but you never know this time of year.
I have no idea on the bream situation but a few guys are soaking some lines near the Collie Bridge and they seem to be there on a regular basis.
Mancey may be able to add more but I think he’s more boat based like me.
Hope this helps a little


There are some good whiting to be had on the beaches around Australiand at the moment

There are some good whiting to be had on the beaches around Australiand at the moment
Sorry forgot about those....Bait just bait - I only bother with there fatter friends out on the 4 mile[winking smiley]
Some people seem to like them though.
No mullies turned up yet off the beaches but we must be getting close.