Herbivore vs Carnivore

Posted by Neil Daws 
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Ok I was thinking about the milkfish thingy and I got to thinking Buff Bream, Mullet,Carp and numerous other herbivores all fight/pull pretty hard...

So do the Herbivores or Carnivores pull harder pound for pound ?

Does anyone know why predominantly vege fish pull really hard on a consistent basis with the best most agressive meat munchers ?

What would have to be the lamest pulling/fighting fish in the ocean ?

A snook?

Why is after I post I can clearly see my poorly constructed grammer and spelling?

Must be the font?

No not the trout. There will be no mention of the trout
Are my eyes decieving me ? or is an Australian admitting a CARP fights/pulls a bit ?[sm=icon_clap.gif]

Most predatory animals including fish are built for speed and agility, they are generally lightweight. Herbivorous animals tend to be a little heavier because they need to eat more to get the nutrients they require from their food.

You would notice that the fish you mentioned tend to be smaller for the same weight. So do they pull just as hard or harder? Dunno, it all depends on the species and what they do best to survive.[8|]
What do milkfish consume ?
Would plankton be part of their diet ?

I mean a a fair amount of fellas chase Balck Drummer in the eastern states off the rocks..

What do those Morowong thingies feed on?

The ones that are commonly mistaken as mulloway and speared in the process..
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What do those Morowong thingies feed on?

The ones that are commonly mistaken as mulloway and speared in the process..

Generally weed but in saying that the ANSA state record for one was taken on a prawn in Mandurah estuary by Ray Ellul back in the early 80's from memory it was 8.5kg

Yep, spot on guys. There are heaps of Dusky Morwong around the inlet / river at Augusta. Mostly they won't take a bait, but some years we have got them on shrimp and prawn when we are chasing Yellowfin Whiting.

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Carp don't fight, you simply have to take your time pulling them in otherwise hooks pull out of the soft gob.

The real effort involved in carp fishing is digging holes under your favourite plants as they make excellent fertilizer!

Lived in pommyland for 2 years[ great pubs] never got over the near on fanatical efforts in fishing in general, the rigs/baits/outfits just to catch stuff we use to grow rosebushes.

Not being critical here, I admire the skills developed, maybe you could post some ideas for rigs used over there, in my case I,m keen to try new ideas especially beach and boat fishing rigs, up or downtiding I think you call it, or point us towards decent websites perhaps.

Had a go at making "boilies" once' near died laughing!
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the fish that is the lamest to catch would have to be a nor-west blowwie
you hook one then it comes to the surface and just splashes around ,pound for pound they are carp[8D] sorry I mean crap[grinning smiley][grinning smiley]
WHile the Drummer/ Morwong etc are vego's they still occassionally like a little meat in their diet hence the occaassional unexpected capture on baits.

best I saw was a 23lb Buff caught in boat off west end. Really gave some curry.

Lamest fight contender - our good mate the POrt Jackson. pick up bait and swim to angler like a retriever dog
Milkfish eat mainly plant material also phytoplankton and diatoms.
Check out this website
for anything you want to know about fishes....[winking smiley]

Carp don't fight, you simply have to take your time pulling them in otherwise hooks pull out of the soft gob.
Have to strongly disagree with that one David[sm=icon_protest2.gif]- im from the uk and while i was never a fanatical Carp angler ( and carp anglers in the uk are about as fanatical as it gets)
I caught heaps of em. Yep the really big fat Mumas can be a bit sluggish but you get a fighting fit boilie muncher in the 5-10gk range on light tackle and you got a fight on your hands. And stalking them using freelined floating baits is one of the most exciting forms of
coarse fishing there is... of course some might say maybe that doesnt say much for coarse fishing!
This site www.users.bigpond.com/bedden/ is for ex UK fishers who chase carp in the Canning River (WA) and release them. How habits of the old country die hard. (Don't worry they can't get past Kent Street weir and wouldn't survive for any length of time in the river.

I'm with you Ian, I think pound for pound the old carp can seriously give you a good go if on light gear.

By the way they are not totally herbivores and will consume protein in the form of small fish, tadpoles, shrimps etc.
Thats an interesting little site Sharon thanks for the link[smiling smiley]
It seems strange seeing pictures of anglers with Koi carp as opposed to mirror, leather and common varieties.
I never knew coarse fishing was that popular in WA!![sm=icon_thump.gif]
Dems some monster gold fish Sharon

Mugsy would be tearin is hair out in the realisation of what passed im by[8D]

Any of those a valid resale to the koi farm?

I understand the sale of those things to a farm are illegal?
Hi Neil,
The fish on the WACAC site are Koi, not crucian carp. One would presume that at some stage some do gooder has put them into the river and they have survived. In regard to the photos there are no real prize winners, but if used for breeding purposes could provide some very sturdy progeny.

If the fish were taken into a pet shop, they might accept them but ussually don't as a large Koi needs a large area to swim in and not many pet shops have that.

One interesting point is Koi or goldfish which are taken from dams / lakes etc ussually don't survive in the back yard pond as the new pond is too pristine for them and is not turbid enough and has a lack of bacteria etc.