Land based fishing in Broome

Posted by John Poulos 
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Hi All,

Im heading up to Broome in the next few weeks. Im doing a charter, but would also like to fish off the beach or rocks if possible. Ive heard about the pier, but I wont have the gear for that with me.

Is it possible to do some spinning off the beach with raiders or poppers around Cable beach or elsewhere ? With the wide range in tides. I guess low tide is better as I can get out to the deeper water probably, but what kind of gear is suitable ?

I have an abu7500c3 with 10kg line and will get a spin rod up there - is that enough , or can I get away with a lighter outfit ? say an egg beater with 5kg line ?

Any tips much appreciated...
with what you have got , the jetty would be good but add a cliff gaff and some white lead head jigs ...
Just check you dont have spring tides, if not you should be o.k. Its hard to fish the shore when theres 12m of movement. Cable bech is definately worth a spin for Queenies,Trevs and Salmon(Blue and Threadies) you could also try Gantheume Point and the area surrounding the boat ramp, also under the jetty if you dont want to fish from it. If you can travel, head up to the creeks- Willie, Barred or even head to Telegraphs. Worth a spin from the banks and you might even pick up a Barra this time of year(just watch the crocs).
The gear you have should be fine but definately bring a small spin stick for chucking small metals and poppers.
Westerlies this time of year will make things tough, even more so if there are big tides. She will be hot and humid, so perhaps try to get into the creeks and chase a barra. There are truck loads of Mackies about and you MAY fluke one from shore. I was there a few weeks ago and the is tones of bait everywhere so I would be keeping an eye out for diving birds.

Broome is the toughest place in WA to fish from shore, and the dry season is by far the best time to fish (species wise). One thing I will say is make sure you spend as much time as possible in a boat of any type, it really makes a difference.
John, if you go out to the wharf on a low tide and fish the rocks to the right, beware. They quickly become islands and then reefs. Very,very quickly[:@].

Thanks all,

Since I will be visiting for the week, it will be all catch and release work, so dont want to gaff anything . Would rather get some snaps and let them go again. Unless the resort is willing to cook one up for me. Will suss that out when I get there. Will still visit the wharf, but yeah, might be more for sight seeing unless I can fish under it. As Wayne said with big tides, i dont think I want to find a nice rock area, then find its an island surrounded by not so friendly fish and lizards. Defintely going out on a boat, and I know, its gonna be very hot and humid. Blame the missus work for stuffing her annual leave...but better than nothing.
Will take the roosta poppers along and some metals and see how we go. Should be able to get some spinning before the tide races in hopefully. From what I can find on the net , there are a few tackle stores up there so I should be able to get some tips and gear as well should I need more. Not too sure about taking my own rods on the plane. Only just had the custom live fibres made, so quite happy to buy a penn or silstar spin stick up there and ship it back. Costs a lot less than mine and wouldnt be as stressful if the airlines 'accidently' damaged it.
Hi John, what dates will you be up there?
I'll be there first week Dec, and I think there is a full moon around that time too..tides are pretty big - well compared to sydney they are. Hoping 10kg line is enough for some fun.
The best fishing I have had off the shore of late is from the esky....the westerlies have been strong and the viz terrible.

I would recommend visiting the tackle stores to ask for advice. Buying a rod there will certainly help loosen tongues.

There has been a bit of bait along the shore of the bay on the building neap tides and the highs are in the early mid morning when the winds are at the lightest. This is probably the best chance at spinning up a fish from shore. Try anywhere from town beach to Entrance Pt. Find the bait and you should find a few queenies and trevas.