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Whilst walking the hound in the early mornings around a local pond/lake i have noticed that the place is crawling in the shallows (literally) with yabbies.

Whats the score with these things? Are they worth me trying to catch? And are they ok to eat out of a perhaps 'not so clean' piece of water?

Would never have thought of it but i had some Yabbies recently done in a garlic sauce and they were beeeeeewwwdiful!

Any tips on catching/cooking/health warnings (!) much appreciated[smiling smiley]
Taste great outta country streams, well Gilgie's do anyway. Dunno about the city, they eat mud and crap so u could imagine what that may contain in perth[:'(].
Make sure they're not undersize marron, or you'll be in deep do do.
Do marroning laws apply to gilgies, seasons i mean?

Make sure they're not undersize marron

Cheers mancey, i did think about that.

If you saw the water i was talking about i reckon you'ld laugh at the thought of them being Marron[grinning smiley][winking smiley]
I could imagine[grinning smiley], tho it's not easy to tell the diff sometimes.
If its legal (buggered if i know) a little bushmans snare is the go to catch em, or just dangle a bit of meat on a string and keep an eye on it They'll just grab on, and the stupid buggers don't let go when you lift em out. I grew up on a farm in the sw where gilgie catching was a great time killer.
Dunno about the health risks, i ate some cherabin outta a stream in Fitzroy Crossing that was full of rubbish, mostly red can and silver pillows[grinning smiley], not surprisingly. They tasted great.
Ian , if unsure about the water quality etc they have come from just make sure you purge them first a couple of times in some clean fresh water , this also helps remove any muddy tastse . Nothing like a feed of fresh Yabs, throw in a couple of half lemons and steam in wok Yum!......
Ian, if the little suckers are baby marron and if the waters no good they'd be up and walking looking for sweater water, whereas gilgies and yabbies tend to stay put and seem to have a higher tolerance to crap. Actually surprised that they were visible as they ussually shoot off into the deeper parts of a pond/lake during the day.

Remember one year we went all the way down south on the eve of the "open" season and caught only tiddlers. Came back to Perth the following day and went to the local gilgie spot that night and pulled out 5 super sized marron. Didn't they go down a treat.

If anyone has one or two cherabin going spare please feel to send them to me, yum.


Cheers for the info guys. I think i might give them a go[smiling smiley]


Actually surprised that they were visible as they ussually shoot off into the deeper parts of a pond/lake during the day.

Yep Shaz, there are literally hundreds of them around if you get there before 7.00ish and then they dissapear.
Geez Ian,
Best be taking your residential suburb off your profile. Bet there are drop nets in the local pond tomorro. Especially if I can find mine!!

I grew up on a diet of yabbies, wild duck, rabbit and pink&grey galah while on holidays in southern NSW as a kid. A Huck Finn childhood.

I would catch yabbies out of the ponds in Essendon and Moony Ponds in Victoria during school hols - with a handfull of other kids and we ate plenty of them with out too many side effects.

If they are Cherax Destructor, you wil be doing the local council a favour as they are known for burrowing into farm dam walls and causing all sorts of problems. Like marron, yabbies will leave crook water to find a better home.

I wonder if all those local dams we 'salted' with a handfull of yabbies ever produced. I have translocation form Wally!!

I have eaten Marron from some odd places such as the clay holes around Midland and the diversion drain at Harvey (In 1984 I even won the WATFFA award for largest Marron of the season - it went 148mm carapace) and I am still here.

Although I was off sick yesterday with a crook guts.[hot smiley]

Personally I don't really like Yabbies.
living up your area I think I know the water your talking about and have you noticed it has turned an un-natural blue colour??[&:]
I think the Satterly group are trying to pretty the place up.
I would'nt eat anything that comes out of that water.
blue colour.... bag of copper thrown in does the trick, turns them a nice clear blue.

Most tackle shops have colapsible yabbie traps that work really well.

Can't remember if you put salt or sugar in the water when you cook them to get the mud taste out. think it's sugar??[&:][8D]

I would'nt eat anything that comes out of that water

Thats what i was thinking originally Matt - you've definately picked the spot[winking smiley] However, my theory was that if the water was that bad there would'nt be thousands of thriving yabbies in it. What do you guys reckon?

they are very sensitive to pollutants if they are there they obviously like it and it can't be too bad.

they are very sensitive to pollutants if they are there they obviously like it and it can't be too bad.

Yabbies for dinner then!

However, If i die my fiance is going to hold you personally responsible TH[8D]
Gday mate
If the lake's suddenly turned blue its probably an algae retardant dye. We used to sell this dye when i worked in an aquarium shop that tinted the water just enough to stop suspended algae from photosynthesyzing. it was harmless to fish but i'll be buggered if i know what was actually in it.
I s'pose you've got to go somehow so why not with a belly full of yabbies.


ps - if you croak it can i have your new bream rod

ps - if you croak it can i have your new bream rod

errr...depends mate, what size boat are you gonna get when you move to Karratha??

Good to see you on the forums mate, loads of good (?) advice here for when you go up North[winking smiley]

Just a Thought
I think I know the ponds you are talking about too
once considered slipping in some black bream out of home pond to see how they would go,pretty hardy little blighters.
as they are manmade lakes cant see that we would be affecting natives.
or is there some goody goody law against anglers spoiling the look of an estate when the developers are still trying to sell it?
Can see the mainly pommy population of said area out with their carp catching gear now!!!
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I made a post re that creek some time back Wally. We used to stuff around in that creek as kids. Used to catch "gilgies" (thats what we called 'em anyway) and there were quite a few fish, but never caught one.

A mate of mine recently moved into a warehouse that has accessto that creek from a fence at the back. Sure enough, there are still fish in there round 40cm (most probably carp) but the water looks a lot poorer quality than I remember it.


How deep are these lakes guys

Dunno for sure wal' but probably 6 foot at the most.