Swan River Fishing

Posted by Paul Richardson 
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My friend Steve & I went fishing on the Swan River today (Around Maylands), the good news is that we got quite a few bites and managed to catch 4 Black Bream smiling smiley The bad news is that couple of Dolphin chased all our fish away just as we were getting a quite a few bites sad smiley

My friend has a boat and I occassionaly go out with him, I am only just getting back into a bit of fishing so ANY advice for Swan River Fishing would be appreciated (hint hint). I am also a member of a Boat Club so I am able to hire a brand new 5.9m bowrider at a pretty cheap price smiling smiley
Hi Paul, you use baits or hb/sp lures for bream?

ps Great pitty about your choice of club, you wouldn't want to remember '69 or '71.
LoL - Thanks for your reply Brett [smiling smiley]
I don't have any great great catches yet so it will have to stay until I get one [winking smiley]

Can't say I like talking about 69 or 71 but I do remember 72 & 78 [grinning smiley]

We use prawns & bloodworms for the black bream.......I don't have any lures yet, would you suggest using them in the Swan River ???
Anyone out there care to help me out ???
Fishing in the Swan River......where are the best spots?, what is the best time? what is the best rig? what is the best bait?

Any help would be appreciated
LIkes of Madaff, Kletch and others hereabout use lures to good effect in the Swan and Canning rivers but baits like boney herring account for many fish from those parts.

Comes down to the style of fishing you feel comfortable with and how much you want to experiment.
What rig would you use with the lure Brett and what sort of lure?
I use soft plastics down here in the Serpy similar to home made rigs Mick Holt featured in a Wangler article a while back.

Kletch did a piece on Swan River bream in the Feb/March 2005 Wangler edition.
OK, Thanks Brett, as i said I am only JUST starting to get back into fishing......I am a member of a Boat Club so i can hire our boat (a 5.9m Bowrider) pretty cheap. At the moment i am enjoying the Swan River for cruising and fishing so ANY advice will be greatly appreciated [smiling smiley]

What about spots & times.....can you help me out there ???
(Don't want much do I?)


ORIGINAL: Paul Richardson

what sort of lure?

4inch bass minnow on a resin head .

Mid morning in Jan , round Maylands , was not a loner either [winking smiley] .

Go get em Paul .

Thanks Alan - Nice catch!

Are you able to post a pic of the lure you suggested?


ORIGINAL: Paul Richardson

Are you able to post a pic of the lure you suggested?

Its sticking out of the little guys mouth Paul
Yeah I can sort of see it...is it a soft lure purplish in colour?
Cant get another pic of it right now paul , but if you get yourself to any tackle shop worth their salt and ask them to show you some 4" Berkley "Power Minnows" Think I said Bass minnow before , in pumpkin Seed colour and some resin heads to suite you will be on the track.

I've also used Gulp Minnows in the same way, to good effect , but the line is very fuzzy as to whether you are using bait or lure here.
Thanks Alan......so where is your shop then?
Hey Alan - I've tried to work it out but can't - "Dilligaf?"

.........I didn't even try but now you mention it.....what does it stand for alan?


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Hey Alan - I've tried to work it out but can't - "Dilligaf?"

Google Kevin B Wilson , check his most recent record , that'll explain it . [sm=icon_mosh.gif]

As for the shop , nah not me , not tryin to sell them , they're just good things . [sm=icon_thump.gif]
Classic - should have been able to work that out [:@]. Will add it next to FIGJAM in my word book.
Thanks again Alan [smiling smiley]
Hey Richo,
Are you the feral cat Richo that used to bash around Highgate in the late eighties with all the wog boys?