slimy mackerel

Posted by Greg Dale 
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Not the most exotic species around, but if you are after some baits there were some slimy macks at E-shed on Sunday. I dropped in for a look at midday and people had caught quite a few. Went back around 4pm to stock up on some baits and ended up with around a dozen. They weren't prolific, but many were quite large (4 to the kilo) - good ballooning baits.
Sounds good to me!! What bait were you using?
Caught a couple down at Woodies Saturday morning.
Top mulloway tucker too!
did you just catch them on the bait chaser rigs?
Small cube of mulie usually does the trick Rob plus the secret "ding" (sorry Italiano) berley.

"ding" (sorry Italiano) berley.

isa orite Mr Brett ... me no take offence toit ... justa picket[sm=icon_thump.gif]
Do you chew and spit yours Gerry or just throw it out???
Im told that chewing it helps release the starch ... which is supposedly the attractant.
Dont think you have to keep your slimeys whole for bait either. Small strips or cubes of slimey go off. The shiney skin and oily flesh sends herring and skippy, etc wild.[8D]
I find the best bait for slimies is cubes of slimy. Mulie works as well, but slimy attracts as many bites and will stay on for several fish if they are running well. If conditions allow if, fishing an unweighted bait is best.

Baitchaser rigs are dynamite on the scalies, but don't assist greatly in catching slimies.

Your quite right Greg, freshly cut cubes of bluey are THE best baits by far on these little pocket rockets and if you want a real thrill try chasing them on rangoon cane with two kilo unweighted line.

Wangler feature article Oct/Nov 97 outlines the technique for bean poling which will have your freezer full in no time.
Went down to the E shed this morning to grab a few slimies for bait for tonight's mulla session....................all I ended up with were bloody blowies by the dozen!!! First cast, got 6 at once on my baitchaser rig.
HOW did you get 6 fish with 3 hooks , I can agree with the blowies tho I went friday morning and got 1 herring then 25 blowies move 50 m 1 yakka and 25 blowies move 50 m and get 20 blowies so pack up and drive all the way back to beechboro with 2 baitfish for tomorrow morning's fishing .
6 hooks on my baitchaser rig mate!!!
Hi Brett, any ideas on how I could get a look at the article on "bean poling"?

Catching bait fish (mak's) is one of my greatest interests. Slimy's, small blues, kohero all make mighty snapper & kingfish bait over here.

Over the past couple of years, I've worked on a 3 fly sabiki strong enough to catch the best livies, yet good enough to catch them without using any bait
It's been a long drawn out process but I now have the goods( I think).

Mostly, I use a 2-4kg rod, baitcaster reel & light braid. That set-up works pretty well.

Cheers, Bill
Kirk i think you have to cut the bait chaser rigs in half as its only legal to fish 3 hooks on 1 line at a time smiling smiley
Caught quite a few last night and must say I haven't seen Slimies this big. Got a couple of big fishing trips comming up and couldn't think of better quality bait!! 8 that we caught were as thick as my 3yr old sons forearm. Caught 20 all up between 2 and with all the yellowtail of the past couple of months have all the bait for my trips.
speaking of slimys i caught 2 on soft plastic down at palm beach 2 weeks ago[smiling smiley]
Most bait chaser rigs (sabikis) sold over here have 6 hooks. If you cut them in half, the distance between the bottom hook & the sinker/ jig is too close.
IMHO, the weight needs to be quite a distance below the bottom hook to make the rig effective. Sure, you will catch fish, but if that distance is say 40 cm or more, the results will usually be better.
I don't profess to be an expert bait catcher but I'm a real try hard in that department.
When fishing in say 30-50 mtrs, one of my first objectives is to catch a suitable livie for a John Dory. I rate them higher than Snapper in the eating department.
Are they a common fish over there?

As a matter of interest, we could legitimetly join 4 x 6 hook rigs together & be legal!
That would mean the mother of all tangles but would be fun! Especially if someone else was using it!
I only use 3 hooks by choice & add a small (25grm) jig. This gives better flutter to the bait flies .
I'm keen to learn how it's done Aus style.
Cheers, Bill.
Hmm......legally in WA we are only allowed 3 individual or sets of gang hooks per line (leader or trace).
With the sabiki jig, wat I do is cut in half but have sufficient tag length to join some more line to it thus extending the rig. I use these sabiki jigs for pilch/mullet fishing in the surf or off the rocks. It'll have a berley cage/sinker on the bottom. the top is extend to give it depth then have a float attached.
This is just one way to comply with the rules.