Mullet Question

Posted by Monty Brydon 
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Hi All,

This is my first post and I was wondering if anyone has had any success
fly fishing for Mullet. I see them cruisin when I'm fishing for Flathead and Bream at Canning bridge and Mount Henry bridge, so I'm going to try and
have some success if possible. Any tips(apart from don't bother)???[smiling smiley]

Monty, there are quite a few guys on this forum who've targetted mullet, with varying degress of success.
(Unfortunately, I have had none, so I'll keep my mouth shut.....[sad smiley] )
Someone will probably proffer some good advice soon....

Thanks Bryan[grinning smiley]

I've got some Ideas on Mullet but I dont want to reinvent the wheel, so any input would be appreciated. Hope the trip north goes well[smiling smiley]

G'Day Monty,

Mullet are a real challenge on fly, but the best part is that if you do manage to pin one they put up a great fight.

I've hooked 4 and landed one in the last 3 or 4 months while chasing bream with big flashy clousers. I can't resist the urge to put a fly in the middle of a big school of mullet just to see how they react.

We've had success in the past using small green seals fur nymphs, and I hear Muz Wilson's new 'spook' fly has accounted for a few recently.

Sometimes they will spook on the first false cast, other schools will let you smash a 1/0 clouser in the middle of them and not even care, and sometimes they will follow flies and act aggressive.

Both times I've had success recently they seemed to be swimming in a slow tight daisy chain circle. I've heard others say they have experienced the same kind of thing and found the mullet more aggressive when doing this.

Cheers and good luck,

Hi Cole,
Thanks for the info, I'll try and use it. I've just seen an article on Mullet in Flylife magazine which has some interesting information, unfortunately my mate has just left for Canada for some Salmon fishing and taken it with him[:@]. If I have any success I'll let you know.

Only Mullet i've caught has been in the river mouth(gascoyne) and always foul hooked. drop the fly in a bunch of mullet and strip like mad. Boy do they fight.
I was having a walk around Mangles Bay area the other day flicking for a few flathead, heaps of mullet schooling around all very skittish when a small plastic is dropped close to them, an old fella watching told me he used to catch them using peas, yep the green eating variety, interesting, i'm going to give it a go next time.
I remember my dad using tinned corn ... that was long ago
Peas and Corn, these fish really are vegetarians. I tried a weed fly or two at the weekend but no luck, so maybe a pea fly or a corn fly[smiling smiley] will do the trick.These Mullet sure are annoying[:@]
why not pea AND corn together
up north i have burleyed them up with bread then dropped a bread imitation fly in the middle of them ,, seems to work caught a few,
i know the purists are going to spit at this idea, but at the end of the day u r fooling a fish into taking an artificial fly!
Hi Josh,
I tried a few slices of bread at Canning Bridge as burley but the Blowies were all over it. I'll give it a go and see what happens cos at the moment I'll try anything to get a hookup[grinning smiley] Is the bread fly a floater or a sinker?

Hey monty,]
im originally from the uk where mullet fishing has quite a strong following. I dont know if the species are the same but they sure look extremely similar and after observing lots of schools around mindarie i'd say their behaviour seems very much the same too.
Anyway, i've caught mullet using a variety of techniques including on the fly rod.

Firstly I used to spend some time burleying them up with a mixture of stale bread and fish usual with burley a little and often. I would also introduce a few wogs to the swim.

Tackle was a 5 weight rod with a floating line attached to 2kg leader and a size 10-12 short shank hook, with 3 or 4 wogs hooked just through the skin on the head so that they wriggle nicely.

I did catch some on flys ( wet trout patterns like damsels or cats whiskers in olive or white) but the wog method was always more successful.

Another method was light spinning gear with a small mepps type lure with the treble removed. Tie a short pice of 2kg mono (4-8 inches) from the spinner to a small hook and then add a small piece of bait. We used to use ragworms back home but i reckon any sort of meat/worm would do.

Anyway i hope this gives you some ideas - mullet fishing can be very frustrating but when you hook a big one on light tackle it also becomes very addictive!!!

My best was a thin lipped mullet weighing 2 1/2 kg.

Hope this helps[smiling smiley][smiling smiley]
I've just realized that i've used a fly fishing forum to advise someone on using baits to catch mullet[:-][:-]

But Monty it does work and it IS on fly gear[winking smiley][winking smiley]
Hi Ian,
I've spent many cold winter mornings on Dungeness beach so I know
about fishing in the UK.
I suppose fly fishing with bait isn't technically fly fishing, but it'll do for starters( I might be able to rustle up a maggot fly).


hi monty,
the fly would be a floater, i use a tiny bit of white foam, with cotton wool spun around it, u need to find the right balance of foam/wool so the fly just hangs in the surface film

This is my first post and I was wondering if anyone has had any success
fly fishing for Mullet.

Hi Monty

It really would be worth your while joining the salt water fly rodders.

One visit a month really opens your eyes to whats happening where...

Unfortunately you really have to be in a position to have Mullet feeding because when they are on the move it takes a bit to get them to stop them in their tracks to take a peak at that fly you maticuously assembled only to be munched by thousands of toads..
Hi Monty

After years of trial and error I offer the following advice on catching Mullet.

Tried and proven fly is the "Kylie" model. Rivit 2 pieces flat steel together in a cross and throw the bugger at the school. "Flies" really well and will catch you more mullet than all the bait and lures/flys ever cast in anger.

[grinning smiley][grinning smiley][grinning smiley][grinning smiley][grinning smiley][grinning smiley]

Sorry guys, couldn't resist that one[winking smiley]

Hi Mark,

With the success I'm having using conventional tackle, I think your flying kylie's a good idea[grinning smiley]

I went cod fishing on Dungeness once, caught nothing, then a howling north easterly came in and i nearly succumbed to hypothermia[sad smiley]

Still it was an experience!

You from Kent Monty?