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G'day Crew

Looking at purchasing a blank Poseidon 5 piece (3 piece rod, two additional interchangeable tips).

Has anyone had experience with this equipment ? Any reviews on casting/pulling power especially in comparo to other similar type graphite rods (Purglas, Assassin etc) would be great.

Have spoken to Paul Willis at Bluewater Melville and he is really happy with them, but other than Paul, I haven't heard much more about 'em. I can't find a website for 'em either.[8|]

Will be built into a low-mount /spin.

Hi there Nick

These rods are used by rock and surf fisherman in South Afric and are very popular over there. I do not know of any specific problems with them and they seem to have a good reputation in South Africa.


[grinning smiley] G'day Nick,

I Currently use the Poseidon 5 off the shelf rod ,and also a custom built poseidon 5,and have a Poseidon Stimulator on order,and i love them,these truly are an amazing rod to cast with,there was also a write tup in the WAngler a couple of issues back about them,just cant think which one,i will find it and pm you(edit Oct/Nov 05)
The website you are after is www.kingfisher.co.za. [grinning smiley]

Cheers Geoff
Thanks fella's, you are true gentlemen !!
Nicko, i think both Cuey and Gary have written about them in their WAngler columns at some point in the past.

Might be worth a PM.


Cheers Mick - i'll have a squizz at past "Shore Angles" and if I can't find anything i'll PM them.

Pretty much sold on the rods anyway, just looking for some input from Fisho's who are using them at the moment.

Nice pic's/sambos from the weekend BTW !!
Hi Nick,
Im sure Paul is happy with his poseidon, considering he is the one who distributes them. Or at least he was last time I heard. That aside, saw a couple in action over the long weekend at S-bend. They were great at casting big baits with big sinkers out of sight. The owner of the two rods said he was extremely happy with them. Hope this helps.

Cheers from Gary
hi nick

i ve got a poseidon bantam, and ive been running a daiwa saltist 50 with 15kg trilene for mulloway and sharks, i was using 6120 and 5120 custom built with wood extentons in the end with this you can have a 26 mm reel seat so its easier for casting, better than a 35mm , but the posidon comes with a 24mm reel seat cast better and you dont have to wait for it to get biult.

just becarefull on the jettys or rocks because it s not nice seing grafite rods scrached.

i "d highley recommened them.
Hiya Gary
Yeah, I knew Paul was handling them and he also has a Purglas like myself, so I wanted to get his opinion between the two. I've known Paul for a while so he didn't need to pitch a sale to me.[grinning smiley] Long casts with big baits is what I want to do, so cheers for the info on castability. Hope ya nailed a few up at S-bend !

Brad, cheers for the info mate. I guess one of the admirable qualities in the 3 piece construction is that if you fracture/explode one of the top two sections, it is replaceable. Hopefully it won't come to that !![&:]

Thanks fellas.[winking smiley]
I got a 5-piece from Paul last year, mainly due to the value and the portability and the fact that the power and weight range took over where my Purglas left off. Had it built with Lowrider guides.
Not much action in the lower two pieces - mainly in the top.
Haven't used the "Heavy" tip at all. Bit of a "meat stick".
Will easily cast very heavy weights, tho.
Pulled in a 4' bronzie with ease on the first trip with it.
Had it on the beach in no time. That was on the "medium" tip.
The South Africans fish with low mounted reels and Paul recommened a low mount build, which is what I did. Need to fish them with a rod bucket for comfort.
Plenty of power in all the tips.
Because of the extra stiff butt sections, it tends to have a very fast action overall.
Quite easy to cast after you get the hang of releasing the line with the left hand (with low-mount configuration). Paul uses a low monted O/H reel. I use a low mount threadline.
I have also cast it with an overhead, by making it into a spiral wrap. Because it has three pieces, the middle section can be turned to 90 degrees, the butt rotated to put the reel on top and the tip section can be left with the guides underneath.....instant spiral wrap and conversion from threadline to overhead without the need for any extra guides! Probably not ideal, but it worked surprisingly well! [grinning smiley]
Bit of extra info on building this rod up.
Re: Possible "explosion"!!!
Paul recommends TRIPLE binding the joins for a length on about 120-150mm for extra security if you go for the big heave-ho with a heavy bait on the end.
When this rod set loads up, it puts a lot of power through the joins and it IS graphite after all.
The ends of all the tips, where they plug into the joins, have extra wraps of fabric built into the blank.
When assembling this rod, the joins must be pushed very firmly into place.
I HAVE had a graphite stick "explode" at a join, and since then I always wrap a bit of duct tape around the joins before casting begins. [winking smiley]
Cheers Doug. Some really helpful info there mate.

Yeah, all my heavy surf rods are low-mount. The guy that builds my rods has done plenty for Paul and his mates. Paul has big wraps on him too, so it should all be good.

I'll take a copy of your advice re: bindings, around with me when I go see him to measure up foregrips , mount heights etc. He probably already triple binds the joins, but as this is my first multiple-piece long rod, I want to make sure it is done schmicko.

Cheers again !!

I am hearing all the good fisho's around the midwest raving about them. I never thought I would hear any of them criticising their purglas blanks, but they are all opting for posiedons now.

Haven't eyeballed one yet......but I plan to.


They look good straight off the rack as well Tone. I prefer to have 'em custom built though - carpet grips, low mount etc.

The weight factor is also an big advantage when fishing long hours without using a rod holder. I just wish that graphite rods could handle the knocks a bit better.

When they are set up heavy, they are meant to have a heap of balls. I think Willy said his mate nailed a 230 kilo Bronzie with one on a live salmon cast out, and that was with the medium tip.

Should be ok to fish big baits late at night for some of those Mid-West Monsters.
paul showed me a photo of a a big bronze that a mate got with a posidon meduim in the spin version wihe a daiwa emblem
pro and 50lb braid if they can knock over somthing like that there ovisly good.

on a different note i fished mine off the jettys and hade that kicked about and scrached it up abit but its still holding strong.[grinning smiley]