Torium 30 drag washers

Posted by Matt Grosse 
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I need to replace the drag washers on the torium.What drag washers are people using? Are they easy to replace as i haven't changed them before? How much do they cost? I may need to get some sent up.
Cheers Matt
G'day Matt I should be able to tell you but I still haven't installed the Carbontex washers I got over a year ago....They can be had from Bluewater or Jack Erskine. Apparently there's a clicker + spring for the drag star that can go flying when you dismantle it...
Matt, I got a set of washers and the bottom set plate from Jack Erskine, marvellous[grinning smiley], for a Torium 30, original washers killed by sambo's[8D]

I'm sure the Bluewater versions will be just as good, makes a good reel even better.

Really easy reel to service, when you go to put the star back on the pin can push out and jam things up, just slide the washer below the star directly over the pin, which will hold it in place, then gently wind the star down, the rest is simple as[8D]
They are the same carbontex washers David
While we're on the subject fellas how did you get the spring and ball back in for the drag adjustment clicker. Spent about an hour on it and gave up. Spins loose when I've got her backed off trolling for sails and giving me the shytes.
If you go and google up a schematic for a torium 30, I think the click ball/spring are numbers 295 and 296. If you push the those two bits in then hold them in place with the washer either 267 or 266, then really carefully wind the star down over them, the washer will hold them in place till the star takes over. Works for mine I just tried it[8D]