Ocea Jigger 4000P

Posted by Andy Woodford 
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Hi I've been asked by a mate to post the following question. He has trouble registering at the moment.

"Im thinking of getting a Ocea Jigger 4000P for samson jigging.
I have heard that Shimano AR bearings dont do so well when jigging for Samsons does anybody know why?
Also is the star drag on these reels capable of the sorts loads?"

Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Many thanks
the Ocean jiggers in the larger sizes have been having handle problems (ie; snapping off!!). Check the Shimano japanese site for details. I would wait until this problem has been sorted before committing your buddys money!

Thanks for that Wade.

As ever a great source in knowledge.
Hi, use two of these reels(sea spirit4000) and have had great results from the reels. They do need a bit of maintenance but all in all a good reel.The reels are used for jigging and bottom work with 50 -80 lb braid.
Have some improved drag washers and plates coming across from Cairns so if he is not in too much of a rush i could give you a update in a week or so.
One work of advice is some of the parts must come in from o/s. I snapped a spool and had to get the spare in from Singapore
Hi Al,

I've seen you break stuff b4 but how the heck do you snap a spool?

How's the recent trip to Dampier and what gear did you used.

Hope to c u in Nov for some samsons again.

Take care and best wishes.


Btw, what you mean by "needs a bit of maintance?" Drags, corrosion or something else?
heh heh,

U bugger!

Garry I knew that would eventually pop up...

How you doing big guy? I hope the weather isn't too cold now.

Say what gear you guys using now and what you've been up since we last met?

email me and we can talk more.

Take care u.

its just after 5am and i'm sitting here listening to allan on the radio.its f@#ing FREEZING.
where are you at the moment?
It's 6.30 in the morning here and I got up at 6 to listen to capt pugwash to find that he was on from 5 am to 6 am[:@][:@][:@][:@] I knew I should of checked the time before setting the alarm clock.

I'm just down the road from you in Beechboro and it's freezing here too!!!!![&:]


I knew it was winter there mate but F&%king freezing? Garry you r built like a linebacker and I've seen u working on the boat soaked up to yer bum! I thought u didn't know what cold meant!

It's gotta be bad if even u can't stand it. I remember blowing frost rings at night when I was there in the winter. So how bad is it? 5 degrees?

As for me I'm here in Singapore toasty 28 degrees but barmy weather.

Anyhow, hope u doing ok and I'll be back in Nov for some more SAMSON YEAH!!!

Take care big guy.


BTW how did Al break the reel/reels again?
when you can snatch the pebble from my hand ......grasshopper[grinning smiley]

and harden up you mob.......frost and fog at 3.45[8D]

Easy for u to say harden up. Let's turn the tables, why don't u come over here in Singapore during the hot barmy spells and let's see what happens... hee hee

95% humidity in 33 degree heat.

So how's the trip to Dampier????

Take care guys.

dillon,my wife pointed out that i wouldnt have been so cold if i was dressed in something more than my underpants and ugg boots.
i wasnt even wearing any underpants,shows how much notice she takes.
i was born for 95% humidity mate.look forward to fishing with ya again.
Garry that's more info than I needed!!

Now I'm having problems getting rid of that image of u w/o underpants and in ugg boots [:'(]!!

I'm having problems keeping my luunch down!! [grinning smiley] [grinning smiley]

Anyhow take care big guy and hope to fish with u soon.