Etec outboard issues

Posted by Dean Carnaby 
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Hi Fellas
I'm in the process of repowering the old tub and am looking at twin 90 etecs.
The question I have and for which I'm unlikely to get a straight answer from a dealer is what sort of problems are occuring with the etecs and has anyone heard of any being returned to dealers with major issues?eg powerhead,fuel injection issues etc.
I need to make an assessment before I sign on the dotted line.
regards Gadget
gidday dean. never heard a bad word yet but one "frenchy" bloke on this site had a total failure with his and it was replaced without question
but that is just lukey chivers for ya[winking smiley]

have a read here mate

Stakes of info here on Etec's. From what I have read in the past on this site, was issues with the oil alarms. I don't think it had anything to do with engine failure but the alarm was going off for no reason. This caused a lot of 90 etec users to be towed back to their marinas for fear of stuffing the engine up. It had something to do with the engines were trailered in a high tilt position, from memory oil was not making it to the switch. Or something like that. Just do a search plenty of info there.
Hi Dean

I've got a 40hp Etec and had some problems.

Quite a few had fuel mapping problems usually in the mid rev range and they were remapped or the emm unit replaced as was mine along with the injectors.

This was about 12 months or more ago and I haven't heard too much going wrong lately.

Bombardier seem to be very keen to make sure any problems are addressed quickly and resolved.

I have not heard of any major mechanical failures with these motors.

It starts instantly every time and runs smoothly from cold.

It's not quite as quiet as a 4 stroke but is pretty good and is very smooth and grunty.


Ashley v v
Hi Dean

I bought a 90 Etec last year and used it a fair amount without any problems at all. The motor starts instantly, is quite and runs well. It uses very little oil and does not smoke, a very nice motor.