Ashley McIntosh with a solid shallow water tuna caught at the Mackerel Islands.

Last year's trip produced incredible fishing for all the usual species

If you have your own boat and are looking to expand your fishing horizons, then the All Boats and Caravans/Western Angler Celebrity Seafari to the Mackerel Islands might be just the solution.

This year's trip runs from August 10-18 and follows on from a massive trip last year.

Former West Coast premiership star Ashley McIntosh was the guest of honour in 2018 and caught some memorable fish as well as being a popular member of the touring party.

It is hoped another well-known former Eagles player, this time a goalsneak who loves his fishing, will be on the trip this year.

As always, the Seafari is based at Thevenard Island and this year guests will have full access to the facilities, including the bar and meal hall and Club Thevenard accommodation.

The trip is a perfect way for both inexperienced and veteran boaters to enjoy some awesome offshore fishing while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with safety in numbers.

Last year’s trip produced incredible fishing for all the usual species.

Good weather meant boats could get out almost every day and there were some fantastic catches.

As always, spanish mackerel were prolific along all the dropoffs and everyone got amongst them on bait and lures.

There were some big longtail tuna in the shallows, including one caught by McIntosh, and we watched excitedly when a school herded baitfish into the shallows at Airlie Island.

Boats which headed out wide were rewarded with ruby snapper and gold-band, while those who fished in 20-40m enjoyed catching plenty of rankin cod, trout to 6.5kg and red emperor to eight kilos.

The Seafari concept to the Mackerel Islands is certainly not a new one, but the mix of seasoned anglers and skippers, fishing and sporting personalities, great location and superb fishing has proven very popular over the years.

Although the main purpose of the trip is fishing, the social side of these weeks is almost as important.

This year a chef will be there to prepare all meals, including breakfast and lunch, although you can choose to self-cater if you prefer.

Anyone keen on fishing this area, but a little bit daunted by the prospect of trying to find fish in new ground, will be able to receive plenty of guidance.

Western Angler columnist Darryl Hitchen has no peers when it comes to knowledge of this area and will be there to assist other anglers, with guidance on and off the water.

Hitchen cherry-picked the dates for this year to coincide with the best tides for local fishing.

He is one of several Western Angler experts who will be on hand to offer advice, or even go fishing with you.

The beauty of fishing around Mackerel Islands is the incredible range of species and wide range of fishing locations both north and south of Thevenard, and even around the island itself.

Last year we had a great shore session with a range of species caught including queenfish, giant and golden trevally, and spangled emperor.

Offshore options include trolling for mackerel, wahoo and tuna, as well as the chance at a billfish.

Those looking for a feed of quality bottom fish can target species like red emperor, spangled emperor, coral trout and rankin cod, or even head out wider looking for deepwater species like ruby snapper, grey-banded cod and gold-band snapper.

The resort facilities at Thevenard are first-class and it is a delight to spend the week in your own self-contained beachfront cabin, waking up each morning to the view of the sun rising over the ocean and your boat bobbing on the mooring.

A number of accommodation options are available this year.

The trip also includes accommodation and dinner at the Carnarvon Motel, which has secure parking for cars and trailers, on both legs of the adventure, and which always provides a hearty dinner.

There is secure parking in Onslow, moorings at Thevenard, and you can refuel at the island each day.

Boats travel across and back in convoy and there are plenty of activities during the week.

Everyone receives a gift bag, including a souvenir shirt and some tackle, and there is an awards night at the end of the week.

If you are interested in joining us for the Celebrity Seafari or want more information, email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0414 685 169, as the cabins are filling fast.

Caption: Ashley McIntosh with a solid shallow water tuna caught at the Mackerel Islands.