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  • Forget the gangs
    TAILOR and ganged hooks. The two go together like bacon and eggs. I guess it’s a logical enough marriage when you think about it.

    A whole baitfish so often used to target tailor fits the chain of ganged hooks nicely and the extended metal link provided by gangs protects the angler from being bitten off by the tailor’s razor-sharp teeth.
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  • Trout, Twits & spillovers
    IT was with considerable interest that I noted an email I received from the Australian Associated Press Media Centre recently.
    As the editor of a fishing magazine, I receive press releases from time to time that relate to recreational and/or commercial fishing.
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  • Quality on tight budget
    I HAVE developed some new fishing tackle needs of late. You see, we’re taking tentative steps into the realm of the caravanning fisho – we’ve bought this flash little van and I need to set us up with some ‘travelling tackle’.

    So far I’ve been grabbing bits of the current gear and setting it up for land-based sessions each time we head off, usually just for weekends but sometimes for a week or so. That annoys me, having to split gear out from the ‘herd’ each time we head off and then put it back afterwards.
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