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  • Vale Hal Harvey
    It WAS during 1987 that Ross Cusack and I finally convinced Hal Harvey he should contribute a Tackle and Tactics column to Western Angler (and Diver).
    He had already earned the reputation of being a very knowledgeable angler and tackle shop proprietor. And it was also the year that Hal joined me on a two-week fishing trip chasing barra in the remote Kimberley. We did part of the trip, with the aid of a Jet Ranger helicopter (the 80s were like that…), to the Berkley River where we explored its upper reaches and relatively unexplored waterholes.
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  • Sinkers for the thinkers
    If you have ever fished and I mean ever, even once or twice, there is a very good chance you have used a sinker. It doesn’t matter whether you fished from a boat, jetty, rock structure or beach you probably needed some form of weight to drag the rig down to the bottom. Of course there are techniques that don’t require a sinker but for a lot of bait fishing in particular we want to weight the rig down in order to get the bait below the surface and down towards the bottom where the fish are.
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  • Marlin on the flats
    I love my marlin fishing, always have, and over the years I have experienced some amazing encounters with billfish of all shapes and sizes. However the one thing that has rung true is that all these encounters have occurred offshore in deep water, be it off Exmouth or on the east coast. My recent expedition to Fraser Island in southern Queensland opened the door on a unique fishery which I never thought existed.

    I had heard rumours of the supposed small black marlin cruising the sand flats just metres from shore, where the water is so shallow and clean that anglers regularly sight fish them. Marlin are a bluewater pelagic so finding them in the shallows is rare at the best of times but to have it occur so regularly it could be classed as a fishery is seriously unique. To be completely honest while I had seen the occasional photo and heard the odd tale I honestly thought these captures were sure to be a bit of an aberration.
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The Kalbarri Offshore and Angling Club committee welcomes you to the upcoming Kalbarri Sports Fishing Classic 27th Feb, 28th and 1st March 2015, during the best weather of the year.

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